2013 Earnings – Pro Athletes

According to SI CNN, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Drew Brees, and Tiger Woods scored in being amongst the top 5 earners in 2013. Floyd Mayweather was the top earner for 2013 for $90 million without endorsements. LeBron James was the endorsement earner with $39 million and earned $18 million in salary. Peyton Manning has earned a $13 million endorsement that has included endorsements for Reebok, DirecTV, Gatorade, Papa Johns, and Buick, the most for an NFL player putting him ahead of Drew Brees. Brees has earned $ 7 million that included Dove, Vicks, Verizon, and Chase. Lakers star Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, and Yankee sluggers Alex Rodriguez & Derek Jeter have benefited from their endorsements from Nike. Phil Mickelson topped Tiger Wood at $36 million gaining sponsorships from KPMG, Barclays and Callaway. Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose received sponsor from Powerade, Wilson and Skullcandy, while his jersey sales are running high, he trails Carmelo Anthony of the Knicks.

2014 is already underway and the sports endorsement market is once again picking up.